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3 bags of Louisiana-themed pasta shapesClose up of several pieces of cooked alligator shaped pasta on a wooden spoon
3 boxes of pasta, including angel hair, spaghetti, and fettuccineClose up of a white plate filled with chicken fettuccine alfredo
Close up of an uncooked bundle of Dagostino Angel Hair Pasta. The pasta is yellow, against a white background.Close up of a white plate filled with angel hair pasta. The pasta dish includes tomatoes, chicken, herbs and cheese.
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Premium, handcrafted pasta with shrimp and lemon

Premium natural ingredients, healthier pasta

Small Batch Pure Semolina
Our premium pasta has just two ingredients - top quality semolina and spring water. Never any preservatives, additives, or eggs.

Made in the United States
All of our fresh pasta is handcrafted, dried, and packaged in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by artisan pasta makers.

Our Story
  • I can really taste the difference in Dagostino’s handcrafted, all-natural pasta. Because of its freshness, the pasta becomes tender quickly when cooking, releasing all of the natural flavors of the pure semolina and adding a wonderful, delicate texture to any dish.

    Chef Todd Gathman - K-Paul's Restaurant

  • I have had homemade pasta all my life as an Italian, and this is as close to homemade as I will find in Louisiana! Delicious.

    Lisa W.

  • Ranks Dagostino as one of its Top Three Louisiana-Made Jarred Pasta Sauces!

  • These make exceptional corporate gifts- unique, quality ingredients. Perfect for friends and family!

    Gaye S.

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