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Crawfish Shaped Pasta

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16 oz / 1 lb Bag of Dagostino Crawfish Shaped Pasta

Crawfish boils are a time-honored tradition throughout the South and are a fundamental part of Louisiana Culture. 

So many people look forward to Crawfish season so they can gather with friends and family and boil a pot.  So, it's only right we have a pasta shape to commemorate them.

Al dente in 5 minutes

All Dagostino pasta is handmade using pure semolina in small quantities and are cut through bronze dies created specifically for each shape. The pasta is carefully looped over wooden rods, straightened, then air-dried in our Louisiana wooden cellars. This delicate process gives our pasta an ideal texture which allows it to perfectly absorb the flavors of any tomato sauce, pesto, oil, soup or other limitless topping you choose to pair with our premium handcrafted pastas.

Dagostino Pasta is proud of creating the purest taste perfected by the passion of a Sicilian family, from right here at home in the United States. Our mission is to bring a taste of Italy into your home and elevate any pasta dish you choose to create. We hope you can taste the dedication, time and high standards we invest into each batch. We dry our pasta for over 72 hours to ensure its authentic artisan crafted flavor. While our drying process is long, our cooking time is short. You can enjoy the delicious al dente taste of Dagostino pasta in your home in only half the time it takes to cook commercially produced pasta. Our wide selection includes everything from everyday favorites such as spaghetti and lasagna to pasta with unique shapes. All natural, no additives, and preservative free.

To see how versatile our products are and for recipe inspiration on ways to savor our handmade pasta and award-winning sauces check out our tasty family recipes on our website.

Premium ingredients means healthier and tastier pasta!