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  • Dagostino Pastina Pasta
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  • Dagostino Pastina Pasta 12 oz Box
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Pastina "Birdseye" Pasta

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12-ounce box of Dagostino Pastina (Birdseye) Pasta

Cooked al dente in 2 minutes if boiling alone, or easily cooked in sauce or soup until al dente

Pastina or Birdseye is tiny, bead-shaped pasta described as "small thimbles" or "very short macaroni." Carefully crafted using bronze dies and air-dried in wooden cellars, our pasta's pure taste results from our passion for creating authentic Creole-Italian products right here in Louisiana.

Pastina is the most petite pasta we make. It's even smaller than ditalini! Tiny pastina is mainly used in soups and salads or as a rice substitute.