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  • Close up of a white bowl filled with Cooked Dagostino Rotini Pasta
  • Dagostino Rotini Pasta Salad with tomatoes, pesto, olives, and feta cheese
  • 16 ounce bag of rotini pasta against a white background
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Dagostino Pasta

Rotini Pasta

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16-ounce bag of Rotini Pasta

Cooked al dente in 5 minutes

Rotini is short, corkscrew-shaped pasta originating from Southern Italy. Carefully crafted using bronze dies and air-dried in wooden cellars, our pasta’s pure taste results from our passion for creating authentic Creole-Italian products right here in Louisiana.

Rotini pairs well with most sauces, including tomato, oil-based, and cream sauces. It’s excellent in pasta salads, holds meat and cheese well, and can make a fantastic baked pasta dish. Children love this pasta shape! 

Rotini translates from Italian to “small wheels.” It’s similar in shape to fusilli, but rotini is extruded into a twist, whereas fusilli is made from strands of pasta twisted into little spring-like shapes.

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