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  • Dagostino Thin Lasagna "Elena Piccola" Noodles
  • Close up of a gray stoneware plate filled with ribbons of cooked malfadine pasta coated in a light orange colored sauce.
  • Dagostino Thin Lasagna "Elena Piccola" Noodles 12 oz Box
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Mafaldine Pasta "Elena Piccola"

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12 oz box of Mafaldine Pasta "Elena Piccola" 

Perfectly cooked in preheated oven 425º for 20 minutes, or cooked al dente in 8 minutes.

Mafaldine is a thinner version of the lasagna noodle. It's about 1/3 the width of a traditional lasagna pasta sheet, with the same characteristic ruffled edges. 

Carefully crafted using bronze dies and air-dried in wooden cellars, our pasta's pure taste results from our passion for creating authentic Creole-Italian products right here in Louisiana.

Like lasagna, mafaldine is typically served baked and layered between meats, tomato sauce, cheese, vegetables, and seasonings.