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  • Close up of a pile of dried Dagostino Linguine Pasta
  • Close up of cooked Dagostino Linguine Pasta topped with Cajun BBQ Shrimp Scampi
  • Dagostino Linguine Pasta 12 oz Box
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Dagostino Pasta

Linguine Pasta

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12 ounce box of Dagostino Linguine Pasta

Cooked al dente in 5 minutes

Linguine is similar to fettuccine in thickness but just a bit less wide. Many describe it as "flattened spaghetti." Carefully crafted using bronze dies and air-dried in wooden cellars, our pasta's pure taste results from our passion for creating authentic Creole-Italian products right here in Louisiana.

Linguine is usually served with light sauces such as pesto. It's also often paired with seafood. From the Liguria region of Italy, linguine is considered one of the most traditional kinds of pasta.

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