Italian Pistachio Sweet Cream - Villa Reale – Dagostino Pasta
Villa Reale

Italian Pistachio Sweet Cream

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Born deep in the Sicilian countryside, Villa Reale Pistachio Sweet Cream  delicacies bring to your table the harmonious fusion of nature, flavors and aromas. A rare find imported from Italy.

With its intense pistachio color and creamy yet nutty texture, this sweet Sicilian spread is to be savored, spooned generously over crepes, whole grain toast, or stuffed into cannolis.  Added to cheesecake, it brings a truly authentic pistachio flavor.  As a topping for desserts, pancakes or crepes, just garnish with a little chopped pistachios for a beautifully put-together and totally toothsome presentation.

Villa Reale Sweet Cream Spreads are a family creation producing only the best gourmet foods.  In keeping with the authentic and delicious Sicilian artisanal traditions, all main ingredients are processed with artisanal methods: only the freshest hand-picked ingredients and efficiently processed and packaged using modern techniques.