Italian sausage and broccoli pasta

Conchiglie Sausage and Broccoli

Want to find an easy dish that will make getting the kids to eat their veggies easy? Look no further. We love this recipe because the unique shape of our D’Agostino Shells soak up this delicate sauce and as a HUGE plus – it is so easy and the sauce can be made in one pot under 30 minutes.​

Pasta Alla Vodka

Pasta Alla Vodka

This is the best vodka sauce—it’s creamy but bright. The D’Agostino Spicy Pasta Sauce is so flavorful and fresh. To make sure that each piece of pasta is coated, we like to stir the pasta directly into the sauce while it’s still in the skillet before adding the garnishes.

one pot ratatouille

One-Pot Ratatouille Pasta

Craving some fresh veggies that your kids (might) actually eat?! This classic dish works because it is both healthy and tasty. Feel free to substitute the shrimp with a local spicy Italian sausage and just throw it on the grill. We recommend prepping vegetables earlier to make it a super easy meal.​

Chicken Pomodoro

Weeknight Chicken Pomodoro

Not every Italian dish requires hours of simmering and painstaking prep work. The word “pomodoro” means tomato in Italian. Pomodoro sauce is a simple tomato sauce that’s used for pasta, pizza, and more. We like this recipe because it is simple but oh so good and the D’Agostino Fleur de Lis pasta captures the sauce perfectly.

Double Alligator Pasta

Double Alligator Pasta

A tasty cajun pasta dish with alligator sausage created for our signature D’Agostino Alligator pasta and roasted garlic and bell peppers. By chef Todd Gathman.​

Crawfish Tomato Cream

Crawfish Pasta with Tomato Cream

It is crawfish season y’all! This recipe hits the trifecta for cajun spring cuisine. Artisan D’Agostino Crawfish Pasta, CRAWFISH, and that classic tomato cream with a little cajun flare. Plus, it is super easy and only takes one pot for the sauce!​