Spinach Pasta Halloween Pasta recipe

Halloween Pasta: Green Gator Spinach Pasta Recipe

Need a show-stopping kid-friendly dish for this year's Halloween bash? Dagostino Pasta has you covered! Skip all the messy food coloring and dye and serve up this tasty and vibrant green meal, featuring the cutest Alligator shaped pasta kids love!


    Green Gator Pasta Ingredients

    These are all the ingredients you'll need to make this tasty halloween pasta:

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    Green Gator Pasta Directions

    1. First boil pasta in a pot of boiling salted water according to the package instructions or until al dente. Reserve 1/4th cup of the starchy pasta water for later.
    2. Once al dente, drain the pasta and rinse with chill water to prevent further cooking
    3. In a blender, combine the heavy cream, add the spinach, basil and add the garlic to the blender.
    4. Blend until smooth.
    5. Add Parmesan Cheese, the reserved pasta water and the rest of your seasonings.
    6. Blend until smooth. 
    7. Add the pasta and the blended sauce into a space pan and let cook on medium heat. This will allow the sauce to thicken up and gives you a chance to taste the sauce and adjust the seasonings as needed.
    8. Season with salt and pepper as desired and serve warm!

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    The Benefits of Spinach Sauce

    This creamy spinach pasta recipe not only tastes amazing, but is a great way to get the vitamins and nutrients we tend to miss out on during the week. In this sauce, you’ll find mostly Vitamins C, A and K. These vitamins promote health in your immune system, skin and blood.

    Spinach is also an excellent source of iron, which also promotes healthy blood. Spinach contains a lot of calcium which is great for encouraging bone health. 

    Lastly, spinach possesses a large amount of nitrates. Nitrates monitor blood pressure and improve heart health. With all these benefits, some may even call spinach a superfood!

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    Fun Pasta Shapes for Halloween

    This recipe's vibrant green color is a great alternative to artificially colored pasta and can easily be added with other spooky dishes like eyeball cherry tomatoes mozzarella balls!

    But the best part of this dish is the Halloween shaped pasta the creepy crawly alligator. 

    We originally developed this shaped pasta to pay homage to the mighty Louisiana Alligator, which is a staple in Louisiana’s culture. And we won’t lie to you, this shape is definitely more popular during an LSU tailgate for the gator’s game. But this shape is so universal we wanted to include it in this year’s halloween celebration. 

    With its striking green color, this dish is the treat that’ll do the trick!


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